Change of thought (again)

Well, it’s been about a year since I’ve been informing you every so many days about what’s on my mind and how it grinds my gears. And while I’ve explicitly stated that I hate prolonged absences, I have to chalk up the past few months and my lack of writing to being human. I work two jobs, a friend of mine was getting married and I was in the wedding, I’m attempting to move — all of these have taken precedence over updating all of my fine followers about what irks me. And for that, I apologize. While it may not seem like a good excuse, it is the only reason I have for my lack of writing.

It seems though, I have run into a wall when coming up with ideas of things to complain about. I know; that sounds like it can’t be possible as I filled almost a year’s worth of thoughts to a blog based strictly around me complaining. Odd, right? Well, if it pleases everyone so, I will continue with the occasional post about a rant, but the majority of postings will be reviews from now on.

Why reviews, you may ask. As I initially started this blog three years ago for my review and criticism class, I could write some phoney-baloney reason of getting back to my roots, but that’s not the case. I enjoy critiquing shows, movies, books, etc., and I felt since I’ve hit a roadblock with what grinds my gears, perhaps switching up my subject matter will get me more enthused about writing (as writing is what I enjoy doing!). Besides, we all can’t be Roger Ebert or Gene Siskel and get paid to review films and shows (but one can only hope!).

As of right now, the layout and theme of this site will be under some construction until I get my reviews officially up and running. So say goodbye to Peter Griffin and my constant complaining. From now on, think of this blog more as “Wiita At the Movies.”



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