This Song

That's What "Grinds My Gears" template. Annoyance level: 2. Image: FOX.

That’s What “Grinds My Gears” template. Annoyance level: 2. Image: FOX.

As mundane and trivial as me complaining about a song is, I did warn you in the ABOUT section that I would write about what annoyed me, no matter what it was. And currently, it’s a song.

The now über-popular Ingrid Michaelson song, “Girls Chase Boys” has constantly been in my head since it came out earlier this year. Don’t get me wrong; the song is catchy. But since it’s been playing in and out of my mind for quite some time now, well (you guessed it!), it grinds my gears.

I have nothing against the talented Ms. Michaelson. I attempted to see her when she visited my university a few years back, but it wasn’t meant to be. Though, all the classmates I knew who went said the concert was phenomenal. It’s just the fact that I’ve somehow heard this song on an endless loop that I can’t escape from is what’s irking me.

Every few months, the big wigs for my retail job give out a new soundtrack to pump through the speakers to sooth customers while they shop. During the majority of 2014, the soundtrack has included “Girls Chase Boys” on the playlist. In my opinion, the head honchos at my employer chose this song because they knew it was going to be a hit.

It’s not even the beat nor lyrics of the song that bother me. To be honest, I’m not quite sure what the actual message of the song is. I gather it has something to do with girls chasing boys chasing girls based on the lyrics. The bizarre video doesn’t help me in any way, either:

Lots of dancing in brightly colored dresses seems to be what “Girls Chase Boys” is about, apparently. An obvious message is that of a break up, based on the amount of times Michaelson croons about all of the broken hearts in the world still beating. But it doesn’t end there.

Within the past month, “Girls Chase Boys” not only filled my ears with its upbeat tune while I was at work, it has popped up in TV shows and commercials alike. Target has used Ingrid Michaelson’s newest song in their “Running” campaign, for the corporation’s new subscription offers. The continuously-full-of-drama “Switched At Birth” had the song play in their summer premiere episode on June 16. Ingrid Michaelson herself took to Facebook to let viewers and fans alike know about the premiere episode. Plus, it even played during the series’ premiere episode of MTV’s trying-hard-to-be-realistic-but-failing-miserably “Finding Carter.” How is it I can’t escape girls chasing boys chasing girls?

Like I said, it’s not like I hate the song itself. I loathe the fact that I’ve been hearing it for months on end and it seems like it will keep on playing. Possibly until the end of time. I don’t have a beef with “Girls Chase Boys;” in fact, I often catch myself singing along to it while toiling away at work. It’s a catchy pop song that I’m sure people will be bobbing their heads to for a long time. If there’s anything specific that about “Girls Chase Boys” that bothers me, it’s that its possible probable message is eerily similar to Panic! At The Disco’s racy “Girls/Girls/Boys.”


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