Allergies in Autumn

C'mon "Grinds My Gears Template." Annoyance level 3.

C’mon “Grinds My Gears Template.” Annoyance level 3. Image: FOX.

Even though I do enjoy the changing of leaves, pumpkin-flavored everything popping up and all the new clothes available, there is a reason autumn grinds my gears. That reason, specifically has to deal with allergies and asthma.

Sure, this currently only applies to us folks in the northern hemisphere, but I feel people with allergies anywhere on the globe can validate my beef with allergies during the fall.

I have had asthma since I was about three years old. I’ve gone through countless inhalers and gallons of cough syrup (codeine and I have a love/hate relationship). Yet, regardless of all the treatments and tips, I constantly have a cough throughout the fall. It is not only obnoxious to me, but of course I get those ever-present stares and scoffs from people who are perturbed by my coughing. Sorry I can’t control that.

Thusly, you would think I could get some peace and quiet when it is nighttime and I am trying to sleep. No dice. Night is one of the many reasons I hate fall, having allergies and asthma. Any fellow allergy or asthma sufferers know what I am talking about. When I go to bed, I can’t have just one flimsy pillow to sleep on; I need about four.

It’s not that I like sleeping with four pillows, but that is the only way I am able to breathe properly once the weather starts to get into colder temperatures. If you don’t know what I am talking about, allow me to elaborate: I have to stack all four pillows on top of each other, leaving me at a 90 degree angle, which isn’t too comfortable for sleeping, but necessary for breathing. See what I am getting at?

Even after propping myself up, asthma in autumn still grinds my gears. There are many triggers to asthma, But for certain people — and unfortunately, I happen to be one of them — cold weather can cause asthma to act up. Let alone that I am somehow more susceptible to illnesses such as the flu. But hey, that means I am on a special list to get shots early! Although, it also means year-round I am plagued by not only ruthless allergies, but also the narrowing of the airways of my lungs.

I could go on forever about the many reasons having asthma grinds my gears, but I digress. In the end, I can only have so many pillows, down so much cough syrup to prevent asthma symptoms from acting up. This lovely perpetual routine I have every year is what personally grinds my gears about autumn.


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