Too High "Grinds My Gears" template. Annoyance level 5.

Too High “Grinds My Gears” template. Annoyance level 5. Image: FOX.

I’ve heard many arguments from people where they claim headaches and migraines can’t be that bad, clearly people just overreact to them. To those people who concur with that statement, today’s post is dedicated as to why migraines grind my gears.

I have been no stranger to headaches in my days. Though I’m not sure if it can be a genetic issue, both my mother and I get regular headaches, typically when the weather changes suddenly. Quite a few people I know think I make this up, claiming I am like an old woman who has knees that can predict the weather. To be honest, I don’t know how the two relate to each other.

When the barometric pressure changes, it affects my head. If it’s a slight change, a headache rolls in. Off to the medicine cabinet I go, looking for some Advil and a glass of water to calm that headache down. But when the weather is bad for days or it’s just a day of constant rain and cloudiness, a migraine sets in. That’s where things get worse.

A good friend of mine suffered from such horrible migraines in high school, that she had to miss school for days at a time. The migraines I encounter never seem to be that severe, but they do interfere with my life to an extent. I’m sure many people feel the same way.

After a migraine sets in, that’s basically it for me. My head hurts so much, that I can’t concentrate. I can’t read, I can’t listen, I can’t focus. My day essentially boils down to me stopping what I’m doing, grab a Gatorade and take a nap. Even if I am not tired, that’s what I end up doing. And this cycle of migraines ruining my days really grinds my gears.

Migraines (and headaches) just cause my day(s) to abruptly stop and there isn’t much I can do about it. I gulp down water in case I may be dehydrated. I stock up on Advil or switch to Aleve to see if different medicines help. I even purchase a large pack of Gatorade in case the water doesn’t help and I am in need of electrolytes. The combination of medication and rehydrating myself tend to alleviate the pain, but only for a short period of time. The migraines get so bad that I do nothing with my day but stay in bed to let it all pass.

This is entirely why migraines grind my gears. If I know the weather is going to be bad, or I feel a headache coming on, I grab some ibuprofen or acetaminophen and try to carry on with my day. But it is still difficult. If I can’t focus on anything like reading, writing, listening, etc., I can’t do much with my day, now can I? No, and that got in the way a lot with college classes and a part-time job during the past few years.

When I become completely useless is another reason migraines and headaches grind my gears. I feel miserable, and on top of that, I feel even worse because I can’t contribute to anything that I need to do with my day.

I’m sure many of you are reading this and think I’m being a wimp, but when you get a migraine, I’ll be sure to offer you a bottle of Gatorade to ease the pain.

All in all, headaches and migraines are wretched for anyone. The damper they put on my day — and not to mention my health — are what get my gears grinding.

P.S. — I apologize if this post is short and/or repetitive. In case you couldn’t guess, I’ve been fighting a migraine on and off today, and it has not been fun.


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