Confusion about Time Zones

Original "Grinds My Gears" template. Annoyance level 1.

Original “Grinds My Gears” template. Annoyance level 1. Image: FOX.

It seems I’m on a geography kick this past week or so. Guess Ohio isn’t so boring after all — we just have a lot of grief.

You know what really grinds my gears is when people can’t comprehend there are different time zones in the world, let alone the U.S.  And poor Ohio seems to be at the butt of this confusion.

For those of you who aren’t from Ohio, I’ll let you in on what I’m ranting about. Ohio is in the Eastern Time Zone. However, many people who live on either coast seem to believe Ohio is in the Central Time Zone. As to why this befuddlement occurs, I am out logical reasons.

Perhaps the confusion lies with something am still confounded about: Ohio is somehow considered the “Midwest.” You know, Ohio is in such close proximity to Kansas and Wyoming. Rather, Ohio is a such a long distance away from all those East Coast states.

Better yet, people from legitimate midwestern states don’t even know where Ohio is!

All sarcasm aside, when speaking to relatives, friends and (possible) employers, it gets a bit frustrating when everyone assumes Ohio is an hour behind it’s actual time. I know, I know; you could argue that since Ohio and Indiana are neighbors, it’s possible for Ohio to be a bit screwy like Indiana is.

True, there are states like Florida and North Dakota that have two time zones to one state. Maybe this is why everyone gets confused about Ohio’s state of time? Our faux Midwest label could provide for bewilderment of both east coasters as well as west coasters as to how Ohio is in the Eastern Time Zone.

In the end, it really grinds my gears when U.S. citizens don’t have basic geography knowledge about their own country.

For your consideration in U.S. geography and time zones, click here for a map of all U.S. time zones, including bizarre Arizona.


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