Into the swing of things

Getting back into the blogging world, I suppose it’s important to give some structure to the new subject of my blog. This post will be doing exactly that!

You know what really grinds my gears? When there aren’t proper segues. I currently can’t think of a good one, so read this list:

  • The title of each post (starting after this one) will be named after what grinds my gears.
  • Requests from readers and fans are welcome for post ideas.
  • I will try to update this blog at least three times a week, which may change or may not change.
  • All rants will be rated on a scale of how angry Peter is.

Tired of the same old expression Peter has in every You Know What Really Grinds My Gears meme? Imgur user SomethingBerserker created many templates for the range of emotions Peter feels. These templates will be how I base how angry I am in each rant/blog post. An individual template will be included per blog post for your viewing pleasure.

To get a better feel of how irked I am, each template will be ranked 1-5. One will be the least upset and five being so irate, there may be typos in the blog post.

1. Original template
2. That’s What template
3. C’mon template
4. Why the F*ck? template
5. Too High template

Not sure what meme or “Family Guy” episode I’m referring to? Click here.


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