Making up my mind

As seen in the archives, this blog has had a few different identities. Since I have graduated from college, it is no longer needed for a class, but I’m not ready to give up blogging yet. So, I decided to give a makeover and a subject change.

I’ve always been told to write about what I know. I’ve learned many things in my 22 years of life. One thing people always want is an outlet to spout off about what is bothering them. So why not provide that outlet? This blog will provide a soapbox for what grinds my gears, as well as the gears of others. Originally an idea started by Peter Griffin, I decided to continue on his news segment from Quahog 5 News in the blog world.

Don’t worry; I’ll make sure the need of grinds my gears as a blog will last more than one episode.


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