Vegans indulge in Athens restaurants

In a college town such as Athens, Ohio, it is easy to find restaurants and food options that are vegetarian friendly. With multiple places that self-describe themselves as “the locavore’s home,” there are many food items that outsiders may consider funky. (For those wondering, a locavore is a person who eats food that is locally produced, similar to the of the 30-Mile Meal project)

But, for that select population who are vegan, even in town like Athens, it is difficult to find options that offer food which is vegan friendly.

That’s where “Food for Thought” comes in. Take a gander, vegan friends, at the following Google map which lists the top 10 vegan-friendly restaurants (and a few food carts) in Athens.

While this map lists the best places in town for vegans, another way to get reviews on these restaurants/food carts is by checking out their respective social media sites. Below each entry is a list of all the Facebooks, Twitters, Foursquares and even websites each restaurant has. [NOTE: at the time this post was written, some restaurants did not have social media sites.]

While this is only a list/map of the 10 best vegan-friendly places in Athens, there are many places that offer vegan dishes to customer. Jackie O’s Pub and Brewery has one dish for vegans and Big Mamma’s Burritos has one burrito available to vegans.

Vegans may have to shop at specific stores or not eat out as often in other cities and towns, but Athens has a wide variety of restaurants with different types of food offering food vegans can indulge and enjoy year-round.


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