Mouthwatering options at Brenen’s

When walking up and down the brick-lined Court Street, there are plenty of fast food restaurants and chains to choose from. But when looking for a fresh meal made with local ingredients, there is no other place to go than Brenen’s.

Brenen’s Coffee & Café hosts a variety of options for that college student looking for a coffee pick-me-up, a light snack, deli sandwiches, homemade soups and even breakfast items. With all these options, it’s no wonder their Twitter handle is updated daily with witty posts.

Sitting inside Brenen’s looking out onto Court Street.

Athens’ own Brenen’s is located at 38 S. Court St., right in the heart of town. A spacious eatery, Brenen’s offers seating inside as well as a few outside tables.

Once inside, Brenen’s deli menu offers sandwiches including turkey, chicken, ham, beef, bacon, veggie, tuna salad and a low-calorie sandwich menu. Any sandwich can be made to order, so picky eaters, feel free to ask for that sandwich without onions.

Also available are soups. There is always a different soup of the day. Better get to lunch early though — once the soup is gone, it’s sold out for the rest of the day. The best known soup from Brenen’s is available on Wednesdays: the Baja Chicken Enchilada. A spicy, vegetable-filled soup, it’s become a fan favorite of students and locals alike. A cup of a soup this delicious just isn’t enough some days to curb an appetite!

All sandwiches and soups can be available as combos, as well as soup and salad combos and there is even a soup in a bread bowl option.

Another popular item on Brenen’s menu are their baked potatoes. Extra large potatoes,

The Mexicana baked potato doused in cheese.

these babies are a meal with no side needed. There are four different types of potatoes with a fifth, plain potato available to those purists. A personal favorite is the Mexicana potato. Covered in melted cheese and salsa, it’s like a match made in heaven for baked potato lovers, as well as those who love spicy foods.

While the lunch options at Brenen’s are endless, their breakfast items are just as delicious

Former Brenen’s employee, Jacob Hagman, thinks Brenen’s baked goods are their best specialty. Hagman says the sugar cookies are awesome, and the scones come in a range of flavors that are seasonally appropriate. His personal favorite he recommends is the pumpkin scone.
Brenen’s always has homemade baked goods fresh each morning. New additions include: chocolate chip cookie dough brownies and mint butter cream iced chocolate cookies.

The front of Brenen’s offers coffee, frozen drinks as well as baked goods.

Hagman also recommends Brenen’s to incoming freshmen and their families. Hagman says students of all ages and their parents will enjoy the deli and café because since it is locally owned, patrons know they will get a good meal and can count on employees to provide good service every time you return.

For those worried about adding a few notches to one’s belt loop from dining at Brenen’s offers a low calorie menu, available on their website. 

Open from 7:30-8 Mon.-Thurs., 7:30-7 Friday, 9-7 Saturday and 10-7 Sunday, Brenen’s receives a must visit recommendation from this college student.


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