Whit/Perk’s … or Perk’s/Whit?

In the early 2000s, when my sister was a student at Ohio University, on my many visits to Athens, I had it drilled in my brain that the coffee house on the corner of Court and Union was called Perk’s — not Whit’s. However, after being in Athens for three years, I’ve heard the coffee house receive both names on a daily basis. “Let’s get some coffee at Whit’s!” or “How about some custard at Perk’s?” For those who do not know, Perk’s is the coffee being sold at the establishment while Whit’s Frozen Custard is — well it’s pretty self-explanatory.


So, to end the age-old debate (read: five-year debate) what is the official name of the establishment located on the corner of Court and Union, which sells coffee and frozen custard? Well, it used to be called Perk’s Coffee House, but in the past year, its legitimate name is Whit’s.


While I know my sister and her generation of Bobcats will be disappointed in this breaking news, it finally relieves me from always referring to the coffee house as Whit/Perk’s or even Perk/Whit’s.


Both the frozen custard and coffee have individual Facebook pages, but Perk’s and Whit’s share the same address.


Enough about the place, let’s get down to the most important thing: the food.


As expected, Whit’s offers frozen custard and coffee. Also available are all forms of coffee drinks, smoothies, frozen custard sundaes, frozen custard to take home, Whittie sandwiches as well as Whitsers. Whitties are a customer’s choice of custard stuffed between two giant chocolate chip cookies. A Whitser is essentially Whit’s version of a Blizzard: Frozen custard with all the junk food your heart desires mixed in.


What more could a college kid need? You ask, well Whit’s offers some appetizing food items as well.


Custard isn’t necessarily the healthiest food a college kid could indulge in, but Whit’s smoothies are made entirely with fruit and some yogurt giving a healthier choice to some. Other menu items include hotdogs, pulled pork sandwiches, chicken sandwiches, chili, walking tacos and various croissant sandwiches. There is also a kids’ menu, which has hotdogs and other choices on it, along with smaller versions of custard sundaes, such as the Dirty Worm, which is a small cup of vanilla custard covered in Oreos and gummy worms, of course.


Whether it be for a middle-of-the-day-coffee-pick-me-up, or an I-need-custard-ASAP-because-I-failed-online-J, Whit’s almost always has a line of kids eagerly awaiting their next frozen treat.


[NOTE: If the title does not appear in this post, it is because WordPress is currently not letting me update it. If you would like the title of this post, please use ‘Whit/Perk’s … or Perk’s/Whit’ for reference.]


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