Change of name, change of thought

As it’s been a little over a year since I’ve updated my blog for my numerous followers, there’s been a change of focus around here. My original blog, “What Sweet Caroline has to say” has been changed now to “Food for Thought” (title in progress). This shift from one subject to another isn’t because I don’t enjoy reviews anymore; it is because I am in a different class now. Yes, yes, I know I’ve been lazy not keeping up with the original blog, but times change, and college students are busy.

“Food for Thought” (or if anyone has a catchier title) is going to be focused on — you guessed it! FOOD. As a broke college student, it’s difficult to make a gourmet meal that isn’t Easy Mac or have a nice restaurant meal without breaking the bank. Being located in Athens, it’s easy to find cheap, fast food to even a fancier restaurant (read: dark-wash jeans are appropriate attire) catering to almost everyone’s stomach grumblings.

Based on the cuisines in Athens, I’m looking to make this blog about how to find a good delicious restaurant that can be enjoyable and doesn’t dive deeply into pockets. Another view of this blog is how to help students, many of whom are living on their own for the first time, create meals that don’t require a microwave, are healthy as well as filling. 

So sit back, put on that “kiss the cook” apron and get your Rachael Ray on because “Food for Thought” is all about food. Oh, and helping you out, of course.


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